Monday, August 29, 2011

Thankful Mondays #27

Happy Monday! Each Monday, I'm writing about things I'm thankful for. This is week 27. Read more about it here. 

391. my mom's new job!!
392. finishing the rainbow blocks for Biscuit's Hide and Seek Spectrum Quilt
393. two great dinners with friends this weekend
394. starting our natural childbirth class with the doula
395. cloud formations
396. that Matt's feeling better
397. the first apples at the farmers' market
398. that our bank stopped the loser who was trying to make fraudulent charges to my debit card before they were posted to our account
Photo courtesy of A Sweet Pea Chef
399. watermelon sorbet (from this recipe)
400. that I decided on a backing fabric for Biscuit's quilt
401. rainbows
402. a beautiful harmony
403. a good steak
Image courtesy of the Lake Highlands Class of 1990
404. that my high school years were good enough to make me sad about missing my 10-year reunion this weekend
405. building new friendships

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