Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday #22

Whew, it's been a long time (read: pre-Beckett's birth) since I did one of these, but I'm happy to be back. It's Wednesday and time for another update. (In case you've missed out, I'm following along with Freshly Pieced's W.I.P. (Work In Progress) Wednesday series as a good way for me (and you) to keep track of what's going on around here.)

Completed over the past few weeks: 
Fly a Kite baby quilt: Made for my friend Rachel's little Lucy (due in June). I used Oh, Fransson's Charm Squares quilt pattern and love the way it turned out. So girly and pink.
Jewelry roll: A gift for my sister, design modified from Gwenny Penny's tutorial
Go Anywhere bag: belated gift for my mom, made from Noodlehead's wonderful pattern
Soft blocks for Beckett: I couldn't resist making a few of these after I found Zaaberry's fun tutorial
Baby sleeping bag for Beckett: I created this based on a product I saw online (tutorial coming soon!)

Started this week:
Belated baby shower gift for a friend

In progress/On the "to do" list:
Tutorial for the baby sleeping bag
New summer sleeping bag for Beckett
A few extra burp cloths
Several more baby shower gifts
A sheet for Beckett's pea pod mattress 
Mug rug for me
Finally finishing my Early Bird/Kitchen Window quilt

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week. And be sure to click on the button to check out other great WIPs for more inspiration!
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fly a Kite baby quilt finished!

I teased you about this project several weeks ago, and it's finally time for the big reveal.
I finished my second quilt — the Fly a Kite baby quilt, which I made for Lucy, my friend Rachel's daughter, due this June.
I got to see Rachel when we were in Texas, and I was so happy I was able to give her the quilt in person.
I love the way it turned out. It's pink and orange and so girly but without making you sick. :)
The front is made of various prints from Riley Blake's Fly a Kite collection, paired with a pinkish-red solid. The sashing is Kona Bone.
I did a very simple straight line quilt outlining each row of fabrics on the front in pink.
For the binding, I used store bought bias tape, which I will never do again. I made my own for my first finished quilt, and I'll definitely go back to doing that for my next quilt. I loved the color of the store bought, but it was so stiff and just not very easy to work with.
The back is a madras fabric I got from Hancock about a year ago. I love how simple and colorful it is.
I used Oh Fransson's Charm Squares quilt pattern, and it worked out great. I didn't actually have charm squares, so I had to cut my own, but it was super easy and really came together quickly.
This project really got me itching to do some more quilting, so maybe I can finally get around to finishing my Kitchen Window/Early Bird quilt.
For now, I really hope little Lucy likes her quilt. I can't wait to meet you, Lucy!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A sleeping bag for baby

Before we rent on our road trip, I finished up a little project for Beckett — a baby sleeping bag. He no longer gets swaddled, but I wanted something to keep him warm during his naps and at night.
I remembered seeing a sleeping bag like this on one of the daily deals sites I follow (I didn't make a note of the name at the time, however, and despite some lengthy searches, I can't find it again), and I knew I could make one easily with fabric I had on hand (much better than the $45 the site was charging — please!).
I'm working on a tutorial for the bag if you'd like to make one yourself. (UPDATE: I've posted two tutorials for the bag, a lined Winter version and an unlined Summer version. Enjoy!) It came together so easily, and Beckett really loves it. There's plenty of room for him to kick his legs without feeling constrained.
It slides on without any problems, and the elastic around the top keeps it secure around his chest, so no worries about it sliding off while he's sleeping and becoming a safety hazard. Plus, unlike the swaddle sacks that convert to sleep sacks, you don't have to bother with a zipper or getting baby's arms through armholes.
The bag is lined with an upcycled t-shirt, and the outside is the Blue Forest Friends print from Riley Blake's Fox Trails collection (still available here).
Works like a charm.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beckett's four-month update

Beckett, you're four months old today!
Well, technically, you were four months old on Monday, but our Internet's been down, and this was the first time I could post your update. Anyway, happy four-month birthday, little Beckett!
You shared your special day with your great-grandmother, who turned 84, and your aunt Vanessa and Uncle Rip, who celebrated their one-year anniversary, so it was a special day.
You are getting to be one big boy. You had your four-month pediatrician appointment on Wednesday and weighed in at 15 lb, 2 oz. You were 25.25 inches long, and your head measured 43 cm. You had to get a few more shots, but like last time, you were a real trooper.
You're still a great eater, and thankfully, you're becoming more efficient, so your feedings usually last 25-30 minutes (still long, but a big improvement over 45 minutes to an hour!). You're also a pro at taking your bottle now, so taking you out is no problem.
You celebrated your first Valentine's Day and have proved yourself to be quite the ladies' man.
This month, you went on your first road trip when we drove to Louisiana and Texas for spring break. You did a great job, though it was hard to be away from home for over a week, and you definitely seem to be glad we're back home.
You slept well in the car and didn't mind taking your bottle, so we were able to make the trip in good time. You were definitely ready to get out of the car seat, though, and I think you'd be happy to do without another "adventure" for a while.
You met lots of new people on the trip, including some of mommy's old friends and other relatives (Great Great Aunt Liz, Great Great Great Aunt Velma, Cody, Kris, Lisa, Frankie, Uncle Patrick, Mary Grace, Great Aunt Lisa, Great Uncle Dennis, Great Aunt Debbie, Doug, Deah, Mikayla, Konner, Kinsley, Kelly M., Levi, Rachel, and Kelly B.), and you had a ball with the family you'd met before — Grandmozzie, Roo, Nana, Papa, Mimi, Aunts Nessie and Houdie, and Uncle Rip — and all of their dogs — Sadie, Pepper, Leika, Boomer, and Truffle — plus Kitan the cat.
Five generations! (Beckett and his great grandmother, great great great aunt, grandfather, mom, and great great aunt)
During the day, you took some great naps with Nana, Papa, and Grandmozzie.
And at night, you did a great job of sleeping in your pea pod, which everyone got a kick out of. We'd did a few test-run nights before we left town, and those went well, so we were optimistic you'd like it, and we were right.
You also had your first experience with crawfish, one of mommy and daddy's favorites. You didn't eat any, of course, but you had fun watching all of us make a mess.
When we got back from the trip, we decided to break you of taking your naps in your swing (since you'd managed to do without it during the trip), and you're doing well in your crib. You don't mind sleeping in it, but the naps have definitely gotten shorter. We miss those three-hour morning naps! :)
You've discovered your feet, and you love to hold on to them in your best "happy baby" yoga pose. You're also happy now to just amuse yourself laying on a blanket, so while you still love your activity gym, you don't use it all the time.
You're still good at rolling from your tummy to your back, and you're so close to rolling from your back to your tummy that we're sure you'll do it soon.
You've also discovered several new sounds, including the occasional squeal and the frequent "motorboat," which everyone thinks is too cute.
You also had a great time with Grami when she came for a visit. You guys hung out, read books, and had lots of fun.
She also brought you your new lovie, Tango the monkey, which your cousin Jesselyn helped her pick out. Jesselyn has one just like him, except hers is pink. You love him.
This month, you also stayed with a babysitter for the first time (other than grandparents). Our upstairs neighbor, Jill, kept you so mommy and daddy could go out to dinner, and you were great.
You're also getting really good at grabbing things, and you love to play with your rings, hang toys, and the soft block mommy made you.
Plus, you're so good at sitting up in your Bumbo. We use it for play, exercise, and sometimes to sit at the table with mommy and daddy while we eat dinner.
You're growing up so fast, and we love to see all the new things you're learning. We love you, little Beckett.