Thursday, February 28, 2013

A bag for the beach

We leave for Mexico on Saturday*, and I had one more project I wanted to finish before then — a new beach bag, of course!
Last summer, we made do with a huge tote I got for free from DSW years ago, but that wasn't going to cut it anymore. I mean, what good is it if you can sew but don't bother to make yourself a decent bag once in a while, right?
So this week, I whipped up this little baby. The fabric is an old home dec from my stash, paired with a madras I bought on clearance from Joann's a long time ago. I love how bright and summery it looks.
I used the dimensions and technique from the Market/Beach Tote in Vanessa Christenson's Make It Sew Modern (a Christmas gift that I'm finally getting a chance to delve into). Instead of the gathered fabric on the outside, I added a large front pocket. I added a small pocket to the inside as well.
The bag is the perfect size for all of our poolside goodies. Now, we're all ready for the beach! See you when I get back.
*So, not so funny story. We were supposed to leave on Friday, but on Thursday, when I went to check us in for our flight, I noticed Matt's passport expired a month ago. NOOOOOOO!!!!!! This discovery led to a very long morning of calling the passport office, changing our flights, making an appointment at the nearest passport office (which is in Hot Springs, 6 hours away!), changing our hotel shuttle reservation, making a hotel reservation for Matt in Hot Springs, and on and on and on. Tonight, Matt hit the road for Hot Springs, and now we're just hoping all goes well at the passport office. Let this be a lesson to you, friends. If you're planning an international trip, check your passport immediately!!!

A snowy weekend with Grandmozzie

My mom came for a visit last weekend, and we had a great time. Now that B can walk, I had lots of plans for outdoor activities, and then Thursday greeted us with piles and piles of snow.
But that didn't stop most of us from having some outdoor fun, including B (who's still not a big fan of the snow) and Truffle, my mom's dog.
Who knew long-haired dachshunds were such snow lovers? She bounded all over the yard and really didn't want to go back inside.
On Friday, we managed to venture out for lunch and a few errands, though it was still too cold to do much outside.
Back home, B had fun playing with Grandmozzie and showing her all his tricks, while she showed him how to "pick a hole."
On Saturday, our friends Jeff and Susanne and their daughter Tali came over for brunch. Tali is six months younger than B, and it's so fun to see them together.
Though the weekend wasn't as exciting as I'd planned, we ended up having a wonderful time just hanging out.
B and Grandmozzie got in some great playing and cuddle time, and I suspect it won't be long before she comes back, next time with Grandpa Roo tow. We certainly hope so!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Foxes are the new owls

As I've mentioned before, B's middle name is Fox (his paternal grandmother's maiden name), so you can't blame me if I've become slightly obsessed with fox fabrics. It's really not fair because foxes have been appearing everywhere in fabric land over the past two years. Foxes are the new owls. You cannot avoid them. Here is but a tiny sample of the fox fabrics out there.

This doesn't even scratch the surface of the small-supplier fabrics available on Spoonflower and Etsy, not to mention the many other fox fabrics available from the big companies. I think they're trying to kill me (or at least my budget). But look how cute they are!
It might be time for a new foxy creation.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday #33

And here it is again ... Wednesday, you sneaker. (In case you're new around here, I'm following along with Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday series as a good way for me (and you) to keep track of what's going on around here.)

This weekend, I finished the Les Amis quilt!

I had a big delay while trying to decide how to quilt the silly thing, but once I finally made a decision, it was smooth sailing.
It went in the mail to its new owner yesterday! Check out this post for all the details on the quilt.
After finishing the Les Amis quilt, I decided it was time to get back to a few projects for our house, so I started in on the first of many pillows I've been planning to re-cover.
This pink pillow just makes me smile.

Just getting started:
We're heading to Mexico next week, and I'm determined to whip up a new beach bag before then with these fun fabrics (sorry for the bad basement lighting).

I've also got lots more pillow ideas whirling around in my head, and the fabrics are all pulled for them, too.
So maybe it's time I got up from the computer and headed to the sewing machine. See you next week!
On the "to do" list:
Early Bird/Kitchen Window quilt 
New pillows for the downstairs bed and two chairs
Table runner
iPod workout strap
New quilt for the living room (thinking of doing a sliced coins quilt)
A mug rug for me
T-shirt quilt
Winter hat for B
Picnic quilt
Ironing board cover 
Re-cover downstairs chair

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