Monday, September 20, 2010

I love cupcakes

I've heard that there are people out there who don't love cupcakes, but I prefer to believe it's not true. That's got to be a sad existence — not loving cupcakes, that is — and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. They're such happy, delicious little things. As a lover of sweetened bread products generally, cupcakes certainly rank pretty high in my hierarchy of treats, and I've never had a cupcake that beats the strawberry one served at Crave Cupcakes in Houston. If you are ever in Houston, you must try this place. In addition to offering a whole host of the most amazing cupcakes you've ever tasted, they also serve ice cold milk in little glass milk bottles to go with them. How could you resist? And though I've often been irked by the recent turn-everything-into-a-cupcake fad that's been sweeping the country (let's just say tres leches does NOT work as a cupcake, and it doesn't NEED to be a cupcake), I have nothing but the highest praise for Crave. Oh, to be back in Houston. But tonight, I'll settle for my own homemade classic — yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Grab a fork.

I love a good blue sky

I'm from Texas, born and raised, and though I now call St. Louis home, I will always be a Texan. I miss a lot of things about that great state, not least of which is the amazingly big, blue skies that stretch, seemingly, to eternity. I hope for one of those beautiful, clear days every time I go home, and more often than not, I get one. And I try to just soak it in, hoping it will last me until the next time I'm back in what my husband, a Californian by birth, lovingly calls The Republic. This blog is dedicated to all the things I love — the things that make me smile, that get me up in the morning and distract me at work. I'm not sure where each post will lead, but I hope you enjoy following me on my journey. For mine is a blue sky kind of life.