Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A sleeping bag for baby

Before we rent on our road trip, I finished up a little project for Beckett — a baby sleeping bag. He no longer gets swaddled, but I wanted something to keep him warm during his naps and at night.
I remembered seeing a sleeping bag like this on one of the daily deals sites I follow (I didn't make a note of the name at the time, however, and despite some lengthy searches, I can't find it again), and I knew I could make one easily with fabric I had on hand (much better than the $45 the site was charging — please!).
I'm working on a tutorial for the bag if you'd like to make one yourself. (UPDATE: I've posted two tutorials for the bag, a lined Winter version and an unlined Summer version. Enjoy!) It came together so easily, and Beckett really loves it. There's plenty of room for him to kick his legs without feeling constrained.
It slides on without any problems, and the elastic around the top keeps it secure around his chest, so no worries about it sliding off while he's sleeping and becoming a safety hazard. Plus, unlike the swaddle sacks that convert to sleep sacks, you don't have to bother with a zipper or getting baby's arms through armholes.
The bag is lined with an upcycled t-shirt, and the outside is the Blue Forest Friends print from Riley Blake's Fox Trails collection (still available here).
Works like a charm.


  1. What a great idea! I will look forward to our tutorial. Can you tell me what the finished size is?

  2. Thanks! The final bag is 25" long, 18.5" wide across the bottom, and 17" around the waist (measurements based on my son), but I'll tell you how to adjust the sizing in the tutorial.


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