Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trying the triathlon

This past weekend, Matt was part of a three-person triathlon relay team, along with our friends Chris and Stephanie. Matt's been getting more and more into running over the past few years, completing his first half and full marathons within the last year. So, when Chris and Stephanie suggested they team up for the Lake St. Louis Triathlon, Matt jumped at the chance.
Stephanie's the swimmer in the group, so she was supposed to start the boys off with a generous lead. Sadly, the weather was against us, and after an hour or so delay for lightning, they finally cancelled the swim and decided to move ahead with just the bike and run.
Chris and Matt waiting out the rain
Me relaxing under the umbrella
After some general confusion, the bike race got started in the rain.
Chris headed off wet but otherwise none the worse for the wear.
After an hour and 11 minute ride, Chris came around the bend, and Stephanie and I signaled to Matt to get ready for the hand-off, which went off without a hitch.
And then Matt was off for his 10k run!
He finished with a personal-best time of 50:03, and we all cheered him across the finish line.
 Go Schunkepants Trio*!
After several cookies, turkey wraps, and bottles of Gatorade, the results came out. The trio finished third! Plans are already in the works for a re-do next year so Stephanie can show off her stuff. We'll cross our fingers for clear weather. :)
*A quick explanation of the team name:
Back in Houston, some friends of ours had a little girl, and Matt's best friend decided it would be a good idea to teach her that when she had a poopy diaper, she should say she had "Schunkepants." Naturally, this caught on, and it was impossible for Matt to live down. When we moved to St. Louis, he had the chance to leave Schunkepants in his past, but for some reason, one night (perhaps after a few beers) he decided to relay this story to our new friends. When Chris and Stephanie signed up for the race, they realized they had the perfect name, and the Schunkepants Trio was born.

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