Monday, August 15, 2011

Thankful Mondays #25

Happy Monday! Each Monday, I'm writing about things I'm thankful for. This is week 25. Read more about it here.

361. dinners with my sister and brother-in-law
362. a break from the heat
363. getting the last of our "big" items for Biscuit (hello, glider and changing table!)
364. more canning successes (I LOVE plum jam.)
365. the dogs at Stray Rescue
366. Cardinals games
367. the volunteers and staff at Stray Rescue
368. my new nail polish, in the perfect shade of teal
369. people who adopt or foster animals and children
370. finishing the cutting for Biscuit's quilt
371. finishing the latest round of thank-you notes
372. finally having produce bags to take to the market (that's only been on my to-do list for over a year now...yeesh)
373. PB&Js made with homemade peanut butter and jam
374. Netflix
375. rain in Texas


  1. plum jam??! um, can you save me some? i adore plum jam.

    also - we are very thankful for dinners with the schunkes as well. :)


  2. But of course! We made 8 jars, so I'm pretty sure we can spare some. :)


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