Thursday, August 29, 2013

A pouch for a new mama

Last week, I posted a preview of this little beauty, and now that it has safely arrived with its new owner, I can show you the rest! Yep, it's another Open-Wide Zippered Pouch from Anna's wonderful tutorial over on Noodlehead. (You can see the other versions of this fabulous pouch that I've made here and here.)
This one was for my friend Heather, who just had her third little one a few weeks ago. She's also a sewer (check out her super cute Etsy shop, Heather Aileen, if you're in the market for anything baby related), but she's mentioned to me before that she never has time to sew for herself.
Since Harper is her third baby (and she makes a ton of cute baby items herself), I figured she had that covered, so I decided to make something for her instead!
First off, Heather is a huge Texas Rangers fan, so I decided to use the Rangers' colors, but I didn't want the bag to look all patriotic, so I stuck with the blue on the outside and hid the red on the inside (Ann Kelle Remix Ovals in Navy and Michael Miller Ta Dot in Minnie, which I've been hoarding ever since this).
For the contrasting exterior panel, I chose a text print (Architextures Text in Charcoal) because Heather used to be an English teacher. (We met back in our teaching days in Midlothian, Texas. Go Panthers!)
I love, love, love the way it turned out and hope she does, too. Congrats, Heather!

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  1. I DO love it!! And aren't you the sneaky one because I totally loved the preview you posted last week but had no idea it was for ME, haha. This was such a fun surprise (and I LOVE Ta Dot in every color!)-- thanks again! (and thanks for the Etsy love :) )


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