Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer fun series: Trains!

This is the latest installment in the Summer Fun Series. Summer's almost over (although the weather this week has indicated otherwise), but we've had lots of fun I still need to share.
This week is all about trains. B loves trains (what little boy doesn't?), and we've found two great places to indulge him a bit. The first is the Museum of Transportation, which has exhibits on all kinds of transportation but definitely emphasizes trains the most.
It has several large yards full of trains of every make and model imaginable. There's even one that was made from an old school bus and one made from a Greyhound bus.
You can go into several of the older trains and see where the workers slept, ate, etc. There's even a cool engine room exposed on one train.
The interiors of other trains are decorated to reflect the time period in which they were used, including things like furniture and decorations from the 1950s.
The museum also features a building filled with vintage cars, buggies, carriages, and carts. Upstairs is an exhibit on the history of car parts (surprisingly interesting), including everything from speedometers and license plates to steering wheels.
On our second trip to the museum, we took a ride on the miniature train, which was so cute. Here's B waiting for the train to pull into the station (and doing his sign for "train").
The train passes several other outdoor exhibits, including the Greyhound bus train and an Air Force jet.
The other great train place is a local toy store called the Frisco Train Store. It's a fabulous toy store that stocks every kind of wooden train you could possibly want (not to mention a ton of other wooden toys), but the multiple train sets that are set out for play are definitely the highlight for B.
The owners are super nice and really just wanted to create a place where kids could come in and have fun, so they've set up five different train tables, which are free for play.
B tends to stick with the smaller sets like the one above, especially when it gets crowded, but the main set in the middle of the store (below) is amazing. So glad we found this place!

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