Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mug rug redo

Yay! It's fixed ... and finished! If you were around last week, you'll remember this post, in which I lamented a bad binding decision on a mug rug I was working on. I asked for your advice on binding fabric options, and you came through, both here and on Facebook. People overwhelmingly chose Options 1 and 3, with a slight preference for 1.

I was intrigued by the result since not one person chose Option 2, which might have actually been my favorite initially. I liked how it tied in both the navy and the aqua. But I guess I was overruled. (And since I also chose the original not-so-great binding, I figured it would be wise to take the advice I'd asked for. Clearly, I can't be trusted.) When Lynne suggested the navy with a little piece of the original pink binding, I was sold.
I actually love pieced bindings (see here and here), so I'm surprised the idea didn't occur to me before, but I'm so glad Lynne suggested it.
I love just the little hint of pink (just like in the fabrics), and I think the navy Remix ovals were the perfect binding. The other fabrics are all from the Happy Go Lucky collection, which I previewed here.
I had also complained that the original binding was too thick (and, as a result, wasn't applied very well), so I sought out a way to fix it on the redo and found this great tutorial for using single-fold binding. It works so much better on small projects like mug rugs! I also made the binding a bit skinnier.
I quilted it in an offset square. Starting a little off-center, I made a square on one side and then nested smaller and larger squares on each side. When I could no longer nest on the far side, I just did vertical straight lines. (Side note: Photographing light aqua fabrics and thread is really hard! Sorry if you can't see them very well.)
 This baby's headed in the mail tomorrow. Thanks again for your help!

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