Thursday, August 15, 2013

Surprise grandparent visit

My dad and step-mom have been trying to plan a visit to see us for months, but due to various circumstances, that had proven very difficult. Last Monday, I got a call from my dad asking if they could come the following Thursday morning. Of course, I said yes!
It was a short visit, but we made the most of it. Obviously, some reading was involved, both at home and out at breakfast. (How many pictures do I have of us sitting on the patio at Kaldi's? We have got to branch out.)
And we had a fun-filled adventure at the zoo, one of B's favorite spots. He had fun taking the lead and showing Nana and Papa just where to go.
He was also far more interested in holding their hands than ours. We're old hat.
Look, a bear!
And the penguins. Brrr, it's cold in that building.
The monkeys, chimps, and apes all put on a great show for us. The weather was just right for them, and they were swinging, running around, and showing off. B loved it.
Nana was nice enough to share her water because, you know, water out of someone else's bottle just tastes better, according to B.
To cool off, we headed inside the monkey house, which is probably B's favorite spot. He loves getting up close to the monkeys.
These crazy lemurs were the best. B was laughing his head off at all of their tricks.
Of course, we had plenty of down time at home, too.
Teaching Nana and Papa about Signing Time.
Outdoors on a beautiful weekend!
And the park! While we were there, we saw a little unexpected action when someone apparently lit a fire in the trashcan in the men's bathroom. Who does that?? The firemen came and put it out while everyone sat around and watched.
We were all very sad to see Nana and Papa go, but we're so glad they were able to come for a visit. Hopefully, they can squeeze in another one before too long.

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