Thursday, February 3, 2011

Coffee is my friend

As I've mentioned multiple times before, my sister just opened the world's best coffee shop in Dallas, Stir Coffee. I was commissioned to make a little cozy for the tip jar, and of course, I was happy to oblige. I finally got to visit the shop for the first time this weekend, and the cozy made its debut:
You may recognize the middle part from this post, in which I raved about the wonders of freezer paper stenciling. I was so happy with how the final project turned out, and I think Vanessa was, too.

I used the same basic idea for the tip jar sleeve as I used for the reusable coffee sleeves that I made for Vanessa's bridal shower:
The tutorial was from The Cottage Home, and it worked like a charm.
The coffee sleeves were "prizes" for one of the games at the shower. My little sister was disappointed that she didn't win one, so I promised to make her one of her own.
Sleeves in action:
Other memories from my first Stir experience:
My first breakfast: a cappuccino and the Paris, Texas, taco (grilled hangar steak, spinach, egg, and charred tomato hollandaise). There are no words.
Vanessa and Rip talking shop behind the counter
 A work of art — thanks, Nathan!
My lunch (I had it twice because it was so amazing.) — the Hotlanta taco (waffle-battered chicken, sweet potatoes, and honey butter). Yes, please.
Taco breakfast menu
Taco lunch menu
Convinced you need to go yet? Believe me, you do.


  1. The stenciled sleeve looks awesome! I really need to try that technique, it just looks too cool.

    Sigh... you make me wish I were back in Texas so I could come visit your sis's new place. Those tacos look yum!

  2. This post makes me happy. :)
    And we get lots of comments on how awesome our tip cozy is.


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