Tuesday, February 15, 2011

WIP Wednesday #1

I recently found Freshly Pieced's W.I.P. (Work In Progress) Wednesday series, and I thought it'd be a good way for me (and you) to keep track of what's going on around here.

Completed this week: Coffee sleeve for my little sister and a few centerpieces for my sister's wedding (see below)

Started this week: It's been a slow week in the sewing world not, mind you, because I don't have plenty to do or the desire to do it, but things just seem to keep getting in the way. And this weekend was one of those weekends when I did a lot of "sewing," but my machine didn't get turned on once. Which meant I did a lot of this:
cutting (and interfacing) lots of fabric for this month's Style Stitches bag

In progress: The Style Stitches bag and my sister's centerpieces
At least three of those are done:
which means just 22 more to go. My, how quickly I've forgotten the sea of coasters. It's about time I got that machine turned on.

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  1. I like your fabric selection! Don't you just love (hate) those weeks of prep-work...cutting, interfacing, the like. Can't wait to see the bag when you get to the actual "sewing" part!

  2. Mary, Thanks! I do hate those weeks because even though I know I got a lot done (because it took forever), it feels like you don't have much to show for your efforts. :) Yeesh. But at least now it's mostly cut and I can get to the fun part.

  3. I like your fabric choices for this month's bag! And I love the colors for the centerpieces.

  4. I like your coffee sleeve! Very cute. Your quilted coasters are adorable! I'll bet they worked out great.


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