Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New for you and me

Have you noticed the new links on the right sidebar? I've expanded the blog to include some new resources for you and me. I hope you enjoy them!

I'm constantly seeing projects, tutorials, and techniques that inspire me. This page is a running list of them, in the hope that they might inspire you, too (well, and because they're easier for me to find here).

When I'm not sewing, I'm baking. On this page, I'll keep a running list of the recipes on my "I gotta try this!" list.

Fabrics I Heart
This page is dedicated to fabrics I love — sometimes single prints, other times whole collections. I find so many fabrics online that it's hard to keep track, so maybe this will help both me and you.

I'll keep links to all of my own tutorials here.
Also be sure to check out the Flikr albums under "Flikr Love."

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