Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A changing of the fabric

Remember this post about all the wonderful new fabric I was going to buy online? Well, it didn't happen. First, a little insight into how I do my online fabric shopping. I usually head to the website because I'm looking for a specific fabric. But since I'm paying for the shipping anyway, I want to make the most of my visit, so I'll look around and add anything and everything that catches my eye to my cart. When I'm done, I go back to the cart and start whittling down my purchase to what I really "need." This was the point I'd reached when I wrote my post the other day.

Then, unless I'm in a big rush and need the fabric right away, I usually leave the site for a day or two to think about the purchase and come back to my selections with fresh eyes. This is what I did next. Only problem was, when I went back to my cart on Monday (to make the purchase right before the shipping promotion ran out), almost everything I'd put in my cart had sold out! WAH?!?! Now, it's not unusual to have one or two things sell out (which I just chalk up to the fates telling me I'm not supposed to have that fabric), but 90% of my order? Needless to say, I was way bummed.

But, all was not lost, because I did have a great experience on my trip to Dallas this weekend. As I've mentioned before, St. Louis is not blessed with an awesome, local, modern sewing store like so many great cities. However, through blogging, I'd heard about City Craft in Dallas and had been wanting to check them out the next time I was in town. The fates aligned on Sunday, and I was not disappointed.
The shop is wonderful, and the staff was so helpful. It's small, but they've crammed in a lot of fabulous fabric and notions. For instance, I finally got to see some Anna Maria Horner voile in person, and though I eventually talked myself out of buying it (stupid!), it's as wonderful as everyone says it is. However, I did manage to pick up these beauties from Nancy Mims's (of Mod Green Pod) Free to Grow collection for Robert Kaufman, a 100% organic line that's incredibly soft and amazingly priced:
I can't wait to use them! Don't live in Dallas (like me)? City Craft also has an online shop, which I intend to take advantage of very soon. Now, if they'd just open another store here...

(Other notes: We also made a trip to Ikea, where I got a few sheets to add to the stash. Always a pleasure. And Hawthorne Threads — please restock my new loves soon!)

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