Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Making progress

Man, oh man. It's been over two months since my last WIP Wednesday post. Whew. I have been sewing (see all the things marked off the to do list?!), but apparently I've been doing more updating over on Instagram. I'll try to do better here. A few weeks ago, I posted this pic of my WIPs on IG.
This is a rarity for me. I usually don't have multiple WIPs going on at once (I'm a start one and finish it before moving on kind of girl), but I think part of the problem this time was that I wasn't over the moon about any of these projects. Thankfully, I'm finally making some progress and getting them off my plate, which means I can move on to more exciting things (no, I can't bring myself to just not finish these). This week, I finished the first of the three -- the Flippin' Triangle baby quilt -- which I actually ended up loving in the end. It just needed a bit more progress for me to see it. :) You can see lots more pictures of it in the reveal post.
Then, I moved on to the Rainbow Wave quilt. I pulled the stack for this one long ago and loved the fabrics together then, but when it started to come together, I was no longer feeling them. So this quilt has become the perfect candidate for "The Purge" over at Stitched in Color. I like the look of the quilt, but the fabrics (mostly from Jenean Morrison's True Colors collection) are no longer calling to me. This was supposed to be for a friend's new baby, but I've got another project in mind for her now, and I think this one will be donated once it's done.
I started on the quilting last night but had to stop short when I ran out of thread (grrr...). I'm hoping to finish the quilting and start binding it tonight.

Finally, I've also made some progress on my t-shirt quilt. This is one of those projects that I will love and enjoy when it's done, but I am so not enjoying the process of making it. So much interfacing. I realized I have enough shirts to do both sides out of shirts, which is great, but did I mention the interfacing?

The neverending to do list:
Perfect quilted tote
T-shirt quilt 
Aviatrix Medallion quilt 
"Treasure" bag for B
Superhero cape for B
Sewing circle tote
Re-cover the downstairs chair
New pillows: Texas and California
Ironing board cover
Reusable snack bags
Washi dress/tunic

I'm linking up to Stitched in Color's Purge Along and WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Your New Wave quilt is gorgeous! And you already know I love your flippin' triangles... :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your New Wave in the Purge. Kudos to you for finishing a quilt that you're not in love with. That's how I roll too. Best to finish and donate and move on without the baggage!

  3. Each of these is lovely, the Flippin' Triangle quilt is a real eye catcher.


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