Thursday, June 13, 2013

Beckett's 19-month update

I totally meant to post an 18-month update for B, but we were in Italy when that one rolled around, and after we got back, it was so close to his 19-month birthday that I decided to just wait. So here it is, his long overdue update (prepare for a four-month photo bomb).
Beckett, you're 19 months old!
Mommy and Daddy have no idea where the time went. You're really not a baby anymore, and we can't believe all the things you can do now. You're growing up too fast!
You really impressed Dr. Plax at your 18-month pediatrician appointment. You grew 3 inches (32.75 in., 60th percentile) since your 15-month appointment (not a shorty anymore!), and your weight is right where it should be (25.4 lb., 70th percentile). He said you looked perfect (which we already knew, of course)!
You are very mobile now, and you're always on the go. Daddy calls you "Thumper" because of the way we can hear you thumping through the house. You run everywhere, and you love to climb on EVERYTHING!
You're very chatty, and you can say a handful of words, including mom, dad, that (pointing to something you want identified), duck, dog, uh oh, one (how old are you?), and down. You also know about 30-40 signs, which you use regularly. The signs really help us communicate with you, and you love learning and using new ones.
You're a good eater, though you can be a bit picky at times. And you're still pretty messy, but that's getting better, too. You're starting to get the hang of using your knife and fork, and we try to practice as much as possible. Your favorite foods are hot dogs, hummus and sunflower butter on wheat crackers, blueberries, strawberries, and pickles.
You love playing with your friends and often have play dates with Ben, Ava, Tali, Natalie, and Ethan.
You also love going to the park and playing out in the yard. Swinging is your favorite, but you also really like the slide and climbing, of course.
You've done and seen so many things since your last update. First, there was snow back in February!
Then, in March, you took your first international trip when we went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with Grammy and Grandpa. You loved the pool (though the ocean scared you) and had a great time relaxing in the sun.
Then, you had a visit from Nana and Papa, who came to celebrate Easter with us. You had your first Easter egg hunt in Forest Park and found all of the eggs (multiple times)!
You still love to Skype with the grandparents and get so excited when we're going to "call" someone.
In April, you cheered on Mommy as she ran her first 10K (part of a marathon relay team).
And you got your first hair cut! You weren't exactly happy about it, but you were a real trooper and did great in the end.
You've also checked out a ton of new places and old favorites all around St. Louis, including the Botanical Gardens, the Butterfly House, the zoo, and Grant's Farm.
We've even spent some time in the basement during tornado warnings. You're not a big fan of that.
You've also had a couple of visits from Grandmozzie, who came in February and then again in May to help us get back to normal life after Italy. You guys are best buds.
You celebrated your 18-month birthday in Italy! With Italy and Mexico under your little belt, you're becoming quite the world traveler. You were a wonderful traveler and did really well on the very long plane flights. You were also a great sleeper and pretty much went with the flow.
We went to Italy to visit Auntie V and Uncle Rip, and you had a great time with them. They loved hanging out with you, too!
Your favorite parts of the trip were chasing pigeons anywhere you could find them, climbing every step and bench in sight, and eating as much gelato as Mommy and Daddy would share with you.
You're our smart, smiley, happy, funny, little man, and we love you so!

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