Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Animal farm

I'm sure I've mentioned it here before, but St. Louis is a fabulous place for raising kids. There are amazing parks everywhere you turn; the zoo, science center, and many of the museums are FREE, not to mention a ton of other attractions that are very reasonably priced; and there are great schools.
Last week, we checked out a park that was new to us, Suson Park, which includes a great animal farm display.
B loves animals, so it was fun to find a place other than the zoo (he already spends plenty of time there) to get up close to a few.
Oh, and did I mention there are bridges? B can't resist a good bridge. The small lake is also stocked with fish and is open to the public for fishing (note to my future self).
"Hey, that horse is just my size!" I didn't take pictures of a lot of the animals because I carried B through most of the stables and barns (so he could see into the pens better), but there were also large horses, cows, donkeys, a bull, turkeys, chickens, bunnies, and lots of goats.
Farm fun!
Matt took him one afternoon during the week, and then we returned as a family on the weekend. We started our family trip with lunch at Kaldi's, B's favorite. Mmmmm ... milk.
Checking out the goats and ducks
There was about a two-second window before he got scared that B loved when the pig came close to the fence. He's a sensitive boy. :)
Where's Farmer Beckett?
Boys down on the farm
After checking out the animals, we finished the day with some time on the playground swings. Swings are even better than bridges in B's eyes.
A great day down on the farm!

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