Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas in the Shreve

Alright, I'm trying to wrap up the Christmas posts, and then we'll get back to sewing (and there's so much sewey goodness to get back to!). And I know it's already mid-January, but I took so many cute photos at Christmas that I hated to not share them.
I'm going to split them into two posts based on our two family celebrations, so let's start in Shreveport. Last Christmas, we had a six-week-old baby, so traveling wasn't in the cards for us, which meant it was the first Christmas we'd ever spent without family, and it sucked (really). This year, it was so great to be back with everyone, especially because it was our biggest Christmas yet (all four siblings together and each with a special someone).
We actually arrived in Shreveport several days before the real festivities began, which was nice because it gave us time to relax, hang out with the fam, and go see Lincoln (finally!).
B had fun hanging out with Sadie and Pepper, who followed him around all weekend.
Note the foot up on the table. This became B's preferred way of eating in his booster seat. He's a silly kid.
In Shreveport, we actually had three family celebrations, starting with my step-mom's extended family. We always wear crazy Christmas sweaters to that one, but this year it was so hot (like 75 degrees two days before Christmas) that we wore the sweaters for about 10 minutes before stripping down to our almost-as-bad snowflake turtlenecks.
My silly sister and brother-in-law. His suit and denim shirt (with snowmen!) were priceless.
My step-brother's girlfriend, future sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and hubby
 Step-brother and future sister-in-law (aren't they cute?)
The next celebration, on Christmas Eve, was with my dad's side of the family, which includes my grandmother, aunt, and lots of cousins. Beckett wanted to dress up for the occasion.
Because it was still so warm, we spent a good deal of time outside enjoying the beautiful (though totally un-Christmas-y) weather.
When it came time for presents, B helped play Santa.
And then totally cleaned up
My fun and silly family
Finally, before we headed off to Dallas, we had our little family Christmas on Christmas morning.
B was super interested for about five minutes and then got distracted by everything else.
It was a wonderful Christmas full of love, laughs, and family, my favorites.

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