Monday, October 24, 2011

Biscuit gets a home

This weekend, I finished up all of the sewing and hanging for Biscuit's nursery, so he finally has a proper space to come home to (whenever he decides to make his appearance)!

And here it is!
First, I finished the third crib sheet (the other two can be seen here and here, along with the dust ruffle).
I love the little birdies. And so does Henry the Elephant. He's going to be Biscuit's buddy.
Next up was the mobile. I've been brainstorming how I wanted to do this one for a while. It started with the idea of making three-dimensional characters from the fabric, like little whales, birds, and starfish. I eventually decided against that because it was going to be a lot more work, and I was afraid it wouldn't actually look all that great by the time I was done.
Then, I saw this mobile over on Pinterest, and after consulting Matt, we decided that was the way to go. I used this tutorial on Sew She Sews, and I love the way it turned out.
The shapes are attached to white ribbon, which I also used to wrap the embroidery hoop from which they're hanging. The entire mobile is hung using craft fishing line, so it's very light and twirls just enough to catch your eye.
Biscuit's Hide and Seek Spectrum Quilt is hanging on the back of the crib for now.
As I've mentioned before (I think), we currently rent a house that's not big enough for Biscuit to have his own room, so his space is really just a wall of our bedroom. To make things worse, we have these crazy hard plaster walls that basically make it impossible to hang things unless we want to risk tearing a whole in the wall, which we don't (it would be nice to get that security deposit back). I hate having blank white walls, so it's been killing me that we don't have anything hung in the rest of the house, and the idea of Biscuit's little corner being so drab was just too sad, so I wanted to come up with something we could hang that wouldn't cause too much damage.

I loved the look of the fabric-filled embroidery hoops I kept seeing on Pinterest (like these), and I thought that would work perfectly. They're light enough to hang with just a pushpin, they can be easily switched out later, and it would allow me to incorporate more of the fabric I had from the collection (throughout the nursery, I used a variety of fabrics from Dan Stiles's Marine collection, along with a few coordinating Kona solids, purchased from Fabricworm).
I also made a new lining for the storage basket on the changing table.
To finish off the look and add a bit more color, I used cardstock to add labels to the drawers on the changing table.
And the final corner is filled with the diaper pail (with its blue liner from Planet Wise) and the vintage rocking horse that my cousin Savy bought for Biscuit.
For the space we had to work with, I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Hopefully, our plans to buy a house in the spring will work out, and then we can upgrade Biscuit to his own room (with paint on the walls!), but for now, I think he'll be happy here.

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  1. I love Biscuit's little corner. I can hardly wait to see and hold my little Mannie. Biscuit's Mom is so multi-talented - she must have got all that from her Mozzie!! :)
    I am so impressed, seriously. The mobile turned out so well and what a cute idea it was. And I just adore Henry - he is so cute.


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