Thursday, October 13, 2011

Food for Biscuit

We're planning on making all of Biscuit's baby food, and after our successful apple-picking trip a few weeks ago, we decided to get a head start by making our own applesauce. We canned the applesauce so it'll last for a long time (which is good, seeing as how Biscuit's not even born yet).
We modified the simple applesauce recipe from America's Test Kitchen by leaving out the sugar and cinnamon. Also, because the apples we picked weren't organic, we decided to peel them beforehand.
The applesauce turned out perfectly. It's just the right consistency and super sweet, even without adding a lick of sugar. I'm confident Biscuit will love it (and if he doesn't, he has a momma who will be happy to eat it for him).
The nine jars of applesauce also officially finished off our apple supply, which was a bit sad. We did get to enjoy two amazing apple crisps, though, plus we ate a lot of apples on their own. Still, it's amazing how quickly you can go through 30 pounds of apples!
Since we're planning on making all of Biscuit's food, we decided to register for some storage options at Amazon (all photos courtesy of Amazon). Aren't these freezer trays from Oxo so cute?
They come in several bold colors, and since Oxo products are almost always a sure bet, I went for it. We also registered for these containers:
These spoons
These dishes
And these bowls
I want to eat out of them. :) Does anyone else make their own baby food? Any suggestions on good storage containers?

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  1. I made a lot of Avery's baby food, but not all of it because the day care wouldn't let me send it. Go figure.

    Since Landon's not IN day care, I'm planning on making all of his food, and that time is very quickly approaching! I love the gear you picked out! I stored most of Avery's cubes in freezer bags, but I'm thinking it would be much smarter to buy something reusable. Thanks for the ideas!


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