Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Burp cloths for Biscuit

The first thing I made when I started sewing was a set of bibs and burp cloths for a friend. Using an idea I found online, I sewed a strip of fabric down the middle of a hand towel to make the burp cloths.
The technique works well, and I think the outcome is cute, but sometimes the towels can be a bit bigger and thicker than what you really want in a burp cloth.

So, when we were registering for Biscuit and found these cloth diapers from Gerber, I thought I'd add them to the list, not for use as cloth diapers (which we are using, but these got bad reviews for actual use as diapers), but for use as burp cloths. They were last on my list of things I wanted to spruce up for Biscuit (because, of course, I could use them as-is if he showed up before I finished), but I was glad to get them finished up this weekend along with everything else.
I used the same process as the hand towels, adding just the strip of fabric down the middle, and I really like how they turned out. They're very soft and a much better size than the hand towels.
I used some leftover Marine scraps for two of them, and then pieced together some other random scraps for the other two.
I also decided to use a couple of the cloths to make "cover-ups" for changing time (basically a cloth to throw over Biscuit while we're changing him to avoid getting sprayed). :) For these, all I did was cut the cloth in half and then hem the cut side with a zigzag stitch. I made four cover-ups out of two cloths, which still left me with six cloths from the original package.
Okay, Biscuit, everything's ready for you!

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