Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween!

A few days late, but Happy Halloween! I couldn't resist posting a few pics of B's costume this year. A few months back, when I asked what he wanted to be for Halloween, he told me a blueberry muffin. Hmmm... This is the same kid who last year said he wanted to be pumpkin pie (I eventually convinced him to be an ice cream cone instead). It took some coaxing again, but we eventually redirected and decided on the Cat in the Hat (which should have been an obvious choice since B is a humongous Dr. Seuss fan).
So I bought a boatload of red and white felt about a month ago, all set to make his costume. Then, the week before last, I got a text from my mother-in-law saying she'd seen a Cat in the Hat hat on the Target website and asking if she could buy it. After a brief pause in which I stupidly fretted over not making the costume myself, I realized I should just embrace the offer, let her buy it, and save myself an evening of not-so-fun sewing.
But then a week went by, and no costume. It was only available online, so I couldn't just go to Target to buy it, and I kept putting off making it, hoping the package would arrive. My MIL couldn't find the order email with the tracking number and basically became convinced she'd forgotten to order it after all.
So finally, we resigned ourselves to reusing B's costume from two years ago (which, to be fair, was a ridiculously cute fox costume, and which he didn't remember wearing because he was only two), but when we came home from a birthday party on Saturday (yes, Halloween day) morning, guess what was on the porch? The costume!
I headed downstairs to add a quick felt belly to a black t-shirt B had, and we paired the hat, tie, and gloves from the set with red sneakers, black pants, and some whiskers.
We joined some friends for a tasty dinner and then headed out into the misty evening for trick-or-treating and had a wonderful time. Another successful Halloween in the books!
Previous Halloweens:
2014 (ice cream cone)
2013 (hipster fox)
2012 (chicken)

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