Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WIP Wednesday #59

I have definitely managed to fit in some extra sewing time this week, and it feels great. I know it seems impossible, but I actually finished two projects and made headway on a new one. Watch me go!

First up, I finished a new Go Anywhere bag and set of wide-open pouches.
Both were gifts, and it's always a relief when I finish something for someone else and get to mark it off my list. I love how they turned out, and so did their recipients. You can visit the links above for lots more info on both projects.

In progress:
I've been making excellent progress on the Cat baby quilt. Over the last week, I wrapped up 13 little kitties (you can read more about each set here, here, and here). These little guys go together so quickly, which is a nice change of pace.
And last night, I added five more to the bunch! Meet Bernadette:
And Marty:
Plus Amelia:
And Amber:
And, finally, Maslow:
It's so fun to see all of the colors start to come together, and I'm really excited to get these finished up soon (another gift done!). I've got the fabric cut for four more, and then I'm going to assess what's missing and fill in the last few.

On the "to do" list: 
Mystery HST quilt
Charger pouch for the hubs
Car travel pouch for B
T-shirt quilt
Kitchen Window quilt
New tie for B (with a tutorial, finally!)
Superhero cape for B
Re-covering the downstairs chair
New pillows for the downstairs chairs
A mug rug for me
Ironing board cover
Another divided basket from the Noodlehead pattern 
Reusable snack bags
Living room quilt
Washi dress/tunic (I bought fabric!)

This week, I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. I love your kitties- I just started my own this past week. Congrats on the gift finishes- that does always feel good!

  2. Kittie blocks are charming!! No wonder you enjoy making them!

  3. Very cool kitties and I love that you're naming them! Best, Kate

    1. Thank you! The names are actually from Elizabeth Hartman's original quilt, but I liked the idea, so I kept them (not to mention it helps me keep track of which ones I've done, since I'm not going in order). :)


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