Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WIP Wednesday #56

Hey, it's Wednesday. Sorry for the radio silence lately, but it's been crazy around here, related mostly to me trying desperately to finish up my MQG Riley Blake Challenge quilt. Help! This quilt is taking for-eh-ver.

Nothing yet

In progress:
Yep, the MQG Riley Blake Challenge quilt. I chose to focus on the gray, navy, and orange fabrics from the RB bundle and decided on the Glam Garlands pattern from Modern Patchwork.
I'll go into more detail in the final post for the quilt, but suffice it to say, this quilt has taken way longer than I expected. I've never cut so much fabric in my life. It seems like the last two weeks have been cut, press, cut, cut, press, sew, cut, press.
The top is done (just needs to be pressed), but I still have to do the backing, basting, quilting, and binding before Saturday's STLMQG meeting. I have a feeling I have several more late nights ahead of me.
And does buying fabric count as progress? If so, I'm making a lot of progress lately. These fabrics are for the next few projects on my list: a new Go Anywhere bag, a new wide-open pouch, and a Cat baby quilt (the fabrics in the second picture are for the backing).

On the "to do" list:
Five more pillows for the STLMQG Pillow Bomb Project
New Go Anywhere bag
New wide-open pouch
Cat baby quilt
Mystery quilt
Get back to the T-shirt quilt and Kitchen Window quilt
New tie for B (with a tutorial, finally!)
Superhero cape for B
Re-covering the downstairs chair
New pillows for the downstairs chairs
A mug rug for me
Ironing board cover
Another divided basket from the Noodlehead pattern 
Reusable snack bags
Living room quilt
Washi dress

This week, I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Looking good! Love the fabric choices for the Riley Blake Challenge. I'm not familiar with the pattern, but with those fabrics it looks like wonky tumbler blocks! I love it!

    1. Thanks! The pattern is from Modern Patchwork, Elizabeth Hartman's great new(ish) book, but you're right, it is pretty similar to wonky tumblers.

  2. I love your use of the navy chevron! And I feel you on the deadline - I'm trying to get mine done for our Friday MQG meeting. At least we won't be finishing on the 16th, right? :D

  3. Wow! That's going to be gorgeous! I love all the orange fabrics....that's a color I have trouble finding!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm not even a big orange person, but somehow I've managed to fill my stash with it. :)

  4. Your hard works shows, that is going to be one good-looking quilt.

  5. Jessica, that's AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see the finished product! Well done!

  6. Lovely. You are making progress. Keep going :-) !!! I hear/feel the tension. I have four deadlines this month. Two projects are complete, but only because of a ton of early morning and late night sewing.


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