Monday, February 24, 2014

A plethora of pouches

Back at Christmas, my little sister casually mentioned she could use a new makeup bag. I made her one a few years back, and it has been well-loved and well-used, so it was time for an update. She also wanted something a bit bigger.
I knew immediately that I wanted to make another of Anna's fabulous open-wide zippered pouches, but I couldn't decide on which size to make (you can see my past versions of the pouch here, here, here, and here). I think I forgot just how large the medium size is (plenty big for a makeup bag, FYI), so I started to debate between the medium and large. After reviewing the finished measurements, I started to lean toward the medium. (An aside for those who might be looking to make these, the large one would be way too big for a makeup bag, trust me.)
Finally, I just said to heck with it and decided to make all three. That way, I figured she could use whichever size she wanted for makeup, and she'd have two other handy pouches to use as she pleased. Who couldn't use more zipper pouches, right?
Exterior contrast bottom on all three bags: Essex yarn-dyed in black
Exterior patterned fabric for the large and small bags: Peacock Gardens in Teal from Patty Young's premium collection at Joanns (It looks like only the red is still available online; I found the teal version in the store recently.)
Exterior patterned fabric for the medium bag: Hexo in Turquoise from the Technicolor collection
Lining for the large and small bags and zipper pulls for all three: Lacey in Lemonade from the High Street collection
Lining for the medium bag: Remix Ovals in Aqua
I'm planning to get these in the mail early this week. Feels good to finish up another little project.

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