Friday, November 1, 2013

Zoo time

We had some beautiful weather this weekend, so we did our best to get outside as much as possible. We spent the afternoon on Saturday at the park, but on Sunday, we headed to the zoo. The zoo has the double advantage of both animals and trains, Beckett's current favorite things. In fact, we decided to sign up for a zoo membership just because it makes the train rides cheaper. :)
We got there a bit late in the afternoon, so we started by just riding the train all the way around (there are four stops where you're allowed to get on and off).
Along the way, we got some good views of the tiger, jaguar, and elephants (including the baby born last spring!).
When we made it back to the beginning, we hopped off and headed through the River's Edge area, which was chock full of wildlife.
Elephants, anteaters, capybaras, and rhinos
Hippos and fish (B LOVES these!)
Not to mention cheetahs, hyenas, foxes, and lots more.
After the zoo closed, we wandered across the street to Turtle Park for a little climbing fun.
Now that he's almost two, B has become extremely adventurous lately and seems to have lost all sense of the (mom-approved) caution he used to have. Eeek! Gotta keep an eye on that kid.
I can't say enough how awesome it is to have a zoo that is free so that you can go for just an hour or two without feeling like you didn't get your money's worth. It's perfect for a short afternoon outing.

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