Monday, November 11, 2013

Opinions needed

Last week, I previewed a potential layout for my Waterfront Park quilt. I'm using whirlygig blocks and first laid them out in a very traditional pattern.
But when I chose this block, I was also very inspired by Jess's bee blocks, so I wanted to try a more modern layout as well, one closer to hers. And now I can't decide which I prefer. The hubs votes modern.
I'm so torn. Somehow, the traditional layout looks more colorful to me, but the modern layout looks more interesting. So now I need some other opinions. Which one should I use: traditional (left) or modern (right)?


  1. I think the traditional layout keeps the focus on the fabrics and colors and the modern layout keeps your eye moving. They both look great!

  2. Oooh, I love the "modern" one! Very cool either way, though.

  3. Adding a comment from my FB page (to keep track!): I like them both, but I LOVE the modern one! I feel like it'd be such a beautiful quilt to have—an appreciation of craft and classic quilting with a contemporary art look; something old and something new!

  4. Another FB comment: I think I'm in the minority (based on your blog comments), but I really love the traditional! Then again, I'm not really one to think outside the box :)

  5. I like them both and dare I say this...I vote Traditional layout.


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