Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beckett's 11-month update

Beckett, you're 11 months old today!
(Well, last Friday, but close!)
You've grown a lot this month, but I think it all went to your tummy. :) Based on our (very) unofficial measurements, you're still about the same height as last month (28-29 in.), but your weight bounced up to 22 lb., 3 oz.
You now have three meals of solids each day, and you love it! You prefer finger foods so you can feed yourself, but we're starting to work with your interest in holding a spoon. You're messier than ever, too.
(I love those baby blues.)
You're also a messy player! Your favorite thing to do is destroy! Build a tower, and you will race to knock it down.
You're moving all over the place now. Your crawl is still "gimpy," but you're very fast and often try to race away from us to get somewhere you know you're not supposed to be (like the bathroom).
You also love to pull up on things and stand everywhere you can get support.
Your favorite way to move now is with your dinosaur walker. You book it back and forth across the basement and use him to move from toy to toy downstairs.
You are a very silly guy and are always making us laugh with your faces, noises, and funny personality.
Your personality has really come shining through this month, and you're becoming more and more of a toddler and less of a baby. You definitely know how to make your opinion known and assert your will. We can already tell you're going to be a handful!
Other activities you're loving: checking out the world from the front door, playing with your remote and your dog Scout, clapping, pulling books off your bookshelf and reading them, and bath time!
Grammy visited you again this month, and you loved playing with her and showing her around town. You also started clapping during her visit, just to show off. :)
You went apple picking for the first time this month while Grammy was visiting. You loved inspecting each apple and were very helpful in making choices.
You also enjoyed checking out all the pumpkins on the farm. They were almost as big as you!
This month, you celebrated your friend Ethan's first birthday at a great shindig. You love hanging out with your friends Ethan, Natalie, Ben, Ava, and Tali.
We love every day we get to spend with you.
We love you, baby boy!
Happy 11 months, sweet Beckett!
And your birthday collage (you're growing so fast!):

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