Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm trying to catch up on a few posts, so you'll have to forgive the extreme tardiness of this one (and the fact that it's subbing in for a Thankful Mondays post). My mom came up from Texas for Beckett's birth and stayed for the first two weeks to help us out. This overlapped with the Thanksgiving holiday, so we were joined for a few days by my step-dad, two sisters, and brother-in law, which was wonderful.
My mother (with a little help from Matt) made an awesome Thanksgiving feast, and we definitely chowed down as we watched the Cowboys win(!) and the Aggies lose :( their football games, but mostly we just enjoyed a few wonderful days together as a family, passing Beckett from one set of arms to another and even getting in a few games of Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan.
My contribution to the feast was two pies, a pecan pie from an America's Test Kitchen recipe, and a buttermilk pie, for which I used this recipe. Based on the reviews from the family, they turned out great. I'm still pretty much a novice pie maker, but I've been trying to make them more often over the past few years, as I'd like to improve my skills. The crust has always been the touchy part for me, but this time, they both turned out perfectly flaky, buttery, and delicious. The crusts were also from an ATK recipe (can't fail!).
I love my family, and it was great to host a holiday for once and to share it with so many people I love, not to mention getting to introduce them to Beckett. I'm immensely thankful for them and their willingness to drive all the way from Texas to help us celebrate.
 Grandmozzie (my mom)
 Uncle Rip
 Aunt Vanessa
 Roo (my step-dad)
Aunt Houston
 I hope all of you had as much to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

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