Monday, December 12, 2011

Beckett's one-month update

Beckett, you're one month old today!
November 12, 2011
December 12, 2011

We can't believe it's been a month already, but we've loved every minute of it (well, there were probably a few middle-of-the-night crying moments we didn't love, but we can overlook those). :) You're a very sweet baby, and we love to cuddle and kiss you constantly, which works out well since you love to be held all the time. While you do well in your crib at night, you definitely sleep best and longest in someone's arms or on someone's chest, and we've come to love the Moby wrap for letting us hold you and still get things done.
You're usually not a fan of tummy time, but you've still managed to build a lot of strength in your neck and can hold up your head well. You're also a great eater! Breastfeeding has (thankfully) gone really well. You took right to it in the hospital and haven't looked back. At your first pediatrician appointment on the Thursday after you were born, you'd gone from 8 lb., 5 oz. (your birth weight) to 8 lb., 1 oz., but by your two-week appointment, you'd shot all the way up to 9 lb., 6 oz. When we attempted to weigh you at home last week, you were around 10.5 lb. You're doing so well that we were able to start introducing bottles during your third week, and you're doing great with those as well.
You're starting to gain some focus in your eyes, and you definitely recognize and respond to mommy's and daddy's voices. You're also starting to turn toward sounds, including rattles, which you like to look at during your awake, active times, and you love it when mommy sings to you. You also like to dance with mommy and be swung (particularly in daddy's arms), and white noise and swaddling help to calm you down.
You had a lot of firsts during your first month:
first Thanksgiving
first bath at home
first walk
first (and second) pediatrician appointment with Dr. Plax (love him!)
first Christmas tree (and trip to Ted Drewe's)

You've also been blessed to meet a lot of your family already. Papa, Nana, Mimi, Grammie, and Grandmozzie all came for your birth, and Aunt Houdie, Aunt Nessie, Uncle Rip, and Roo joined you for Thanksgiving. Grandmozzie got to stay and help you for two weeks, followed by a week with Nana, and Grammie just arrived to spend two weeks with you as well.
We love you so much, and we can't wait to see what month two holds in store.

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