Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday #17

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It's time for another update. (In case you've missed out, I'm following along with Freshly Pieced's W.I.P. (Work In Progress) Wednesday series as a good way for me (and you) to keep track of what's going on around here.)

Completed this week:
I made up for a lack of sewing time this weekend by taking advantage of Labor Day. First, I managed to finish the linen sashing on the front of Biscuit's Hide and Seek Spectrum Quilt!
Then, last night, I completed the entire backing, too.
I'm in love with the way it's turning out, and it feels like I'm getting so close to finishing my first quilt. Now, I just need to cut the batting and put it all together, but I want some advice on the quilting. In the original pattern, AMH handstitches a row of each of the dark colors through the linen sashing and around each of the "windows." I've already thrown out the idea of handstitching (because I'm terrible at it and know it will look horrible), but I'm planning to do it with my machine.
The issue is that AMH backs her quilt with the same white muslin she uses on the front sashing. I obviously chose to go a different route, and now I'm afraid that lines of rainbow thread are going to look funny on the back of the quilt. Instead, I'm considering using white or brown thread in the bobbin, so you get colored lines on the front and white or brown lines on the back. What do you think?? 

Started this week: 
I also managed to start a pair of shortalls for Biscuit. I based the pattern on some shortalls I'd already bought for Biscuit, and I used Couturier Mommy's jonjon tutorial to assemble them. These were originally destined for a friend's baby shower, but I wasn't totally thrilled with how they turned out, so they're staying close to home. I'm sure Biscuit won't notice the flaws because his momma made them. :)
I just need to sew on the buttons for the top, and it'll be all done. I'm also considering adding some sort of applique to jazz up the front.
I used snap tape for the first time on the crotch enclosure, and that stuff is great (a bit pricey — thank goodness for coupons — but great)!

In progress/On the "to do" list:
Empire Waist Cinch for me from Handmade Beginnings
Nursery bedding for the biscuit: crib dust ruffle, crib mobile, and lots of crib sheets
Other biscuit-related projects

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week. And be sure to click on the button to check out other great WIPs for more inspiration!
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  1. Love love love the back of the spectrum quilt! There's just something about Metro Circles that I adore on backs. I've used them on two backs recently!

    Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  2. That backing is great! As for the thread, I think you could go either way and it'll look great. However, you might want to do the white or brown so you don't have to switch your bobbin colour every time you have to change your thread (especially if you are only doing a little bit of quilting with each colour). Looking forward to seeing where you take this one next!

  3. The little shortalls you're working on are really cute.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion! Changing the bobbin so often had also occurred to me and is definitely a reason to consider using the white or brown. What a pain otherwise! :)

  5. Awesome back!! Hmm. . the bobbin thread. . . I'd hate changing colors, too. If you use only one color on the back, though, watch the tension carefully or you get contrasting dots where the other thread peeks through at the needle passes.

  6. Love the color block quilt. that is gorgous. I am not sure what I would do about bobbin thread. my first thought is to go dark, but lighter might show less on the top of the quilt.

    Your jonjon is 'sew' cute!!!!



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