Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May is for Makers: Weeks 1 and 2

Back at the end of April, Lindsey Rhodes of LR Stitched put out a call to fellow makers to support and celebrate other makers through a campaign she called May is for Makers. The idea is to purchase a pattern from an indie designer each week in May to remind us how important it is to support one another and our creative work, as well as to show respect for the work of others, recognizing its value through our dollars.

I try to purchase patterns from indie designers as much as I can, so this idea immediately appealed to me, and my first two purchases are (quite literally) in the bag. For the first week, I purchased the Marigold dress and peplum pattern from Blank Slate Patterns.
Photo courtesy of Blank Slate Patterns

I love everything about this design and had just the right material waiting in my stash to try out the peplum version. I'm so close to finishing it up!
For the second week, I went for the Apple Core Mini Quilt (and the Clementine add-on pattern) from Pen + Paper Patterns. I loved this cute little mini the minute I saw it pop up in their IG feed a few months back, so it felt good to finally give in and grab it up. I don't have specific plans for it yet, but I'm thinking it would make one cute baby quilt.
Photo courtesy of Pen + Paper Patterns

I hope you'll join me in making May (and every month, really) for makers. For more info, check out Lindsey's blog post or the #mayisformakers hashtag on IG, where many people are posting about their purchases as well.
May Is For Makers | LRstitched.com

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