Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Holiday recap: Part 1

I'm super behind on posting holiday photos, but when did I ever let that stop me? My plan is to get our photos from our Christmas travels up this week, but first, how about some Thanksgiving? We'll pretend it wasn't almost two months ago, okay? We traveled to Texas and Louisiana for Christmas, and I couldn't leave our California family out, so here we go.
We flew to California on what was B's first flight since we went to Italy over a year and a half ago. The big difference (well, besides the fact that this was only a five-hour flight) was that this time, we had an iPad on our side. We give B very little screen time at home, but when traveling, all bets are off. Due in large part to that magical device, it was a super easy and quick flight.
When we landed, we headed into San Francisco for a few hours before driving on to Matt's hometown. It was a beautiful day, so we decided to take advantage of the weather and take B to the Golden Gate Bridge (his first time). We strolled along the bay and stretched our legs before piling back into the car.
B had a great time hanging out with his cousin, uncle, and grandparents, not to mention Bella, the family dog. They played sports, went to the golf course, read books, and took walks, and B enjoyed his first trip to In & Out.
We topped the visit off with a wonderful Thanksgiving meal, which Matt and I prepared. This year, I took on the dinner rolls, sweet potato casserole, and a chess pie, which all turned out great, if you ask me. All in all, it was another wonderful holiday!

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