Friday, November 7, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

Yes, I realize Halloween was a week ago, but who's counting? Back at the beginning of September, when we asked B what he wanted to be for Halloween, he told us "pumpkin pie." What?!? I don't know where that idea came from (a book at school maybe?). I don't think he's ever even had pumpkin pie. Anyway, I was planning on making his costume, and I couldn't think of a way to really make pumpkin pie look cute (I just kept envisioning a boring orange triangle.), so when we asked him for a second choice, I was relieved when he said "ice-cream cone." (Side note: I do appreciate his creativity. It was nice not to have to buy the Batman costume. Also, I think his foodie genes must be coming out. Or at least his sweet tooth.)
When I did a search for ice-cream cone costume ideas, all I got were big, poofy, three-dimensional things that weren't very cute and definitely didn't seem very practical for a very mobile toddler, so I followed my first instinct and decided to make a sandwich-board type design using felt. B picked the colors (ahem, flavors), and it came together pretty easily over a few nights. I originally planned to make him an elastic cherry headband, but we decided that would look too girly, so when I found this red visor at Joann, it seemed like a good compromise. I added a felt "stem" to the top, and bam, I was done. And B LOVED it.
This was the first year we'd actually taken B trick or treating, so we teamed up with some friends and made a night out of it, with dinner before and hanging out after. We only visited about 10 houses, but that was really perfect. B got SO excited every time someone put candy in his little bucket, and he was more than content to suck on one little lollipop when all was said and done.
I think he will definitely be looking forward to Halloween next year.

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