Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nursery design help

Okay, guys, I need some design help. We're moving into our new house next week(!), and for the first time in my life, I get to paint some walls! I'm so excited. The first room we're planning to tackle is the nursery. Here's what it looks like now:
Very cute, but the colors don't match Beckett's bedding at all, and painting some walls is a lot easier (and cheaper) than redoing all of his bedding.

The problem is that we can't decide what colors to choose. Here's the fabric we used for Beckett's bedding, wall art, etc.
We've come up several options, matching the blues in the fabrics. We plan to keep the chair rail that's already there, and we like the idea of using a different color above and below it. I think we'll leave the chair rail white. Also, we have two pieces of art we plan to hang that pick up on the oranges in the fabrics. Here are our thoughts so far:
(1) teal below and sky blue above
(2) sky blue below and white above
(3) teal below and white above
(4) sky blue below and very pale blue above
(5) other options?

Please give me your thoughts because we really can't decide! The first option was my initial choice, but then I worried that it would be too much color and the teal would be too dark. I'm afraid options 2 and 4 may be too "standard baby boy nursery." Eek! Can't...make...decision. And this is just the first room. Don't get me started on the dining room...


  1. first thought is that beautiful orange on the bottom with white on top and do a blue chair rail....but then I painted one master bedroom bright LIPSTICK pink!! so maybe you aren't that bold...

  2. Thanks, Nancy! We actually did consider using the darker reddish orange on the bottom and white on top, but we were afraid it might be too bold and wouldn't play as nicely with the fabrics. :) Maybe we should reconsider!

  3. I like the idea of teal blue below (do you already have one picked out that isn't too dark?) and then a very very light blue above ... kind of a cross, I guess, between your option #1 and #4.... I like the two-tone blue idea, but I also think it'd be good if the upper blue was very light, just so the room doesn't feel too sad/cold.

  4. I like Vanessa's comment; however, I think teal below and a very, very light GRAY above with the white chair rail would be very pretty. But it would need to be a very light gray. Love you!

  5. I like the idea of teal blue below and either light blue or light gray above. If you do white above with the white chair rail and white trim, it might look a bit washed out (come look at our kitchen if you want to see an example!). And let us know if you need help cleaning or painting.

  6. Becky, thanks for the advice (and offer of help!). I think we're definitely leaning toward that combo.


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