Monday, September 30, 2013

Apple picking, 2013 edition

We've gone apple picking in the fall every year since we've been in St. Louis (except the first year because we moved in August, and everything was still so new to us). (You can see pics from years one and two at the links.) This is not something you really do in Texas, so it's been a wonderful new family tradition in a place that actually sees fall (although, to be fair, it was 80 degrees here on Saturday, so it's not feeling super fall-y just yet).
We took baby B last year (eek, looking back at those pics, he's so little!), but this was the first year he was able to actually participate. We went with our friends Katie and Chris and their twins to a local farm that also has "attractions" for the kids to enjoy. Our little ones are still too little for a lot of the rides, but we visited the petting zoo, pig races, pumpkin cannon (named the Jack-O-Lobber, natch), and the corn maze.
B was not particularly impressed by any of those, but once we got in line to catch the wagon out to the apple trees, he was all in.
He loved riding on the tractor, and the minute we stepped off, he headed for the trees.
Of course, B wanted to pick up all the apples on the ground, so Matt guided him to some nicer ones on the trees and then helped him pick them and put them in his bag.
B got through about 10 apples before Matt decided to take a bite out of one. Once B saw that, he wanted a bite, too, and his picking was done. He followed us around the rest of the time, juice pouring down his chin as he chomped away on his apple and we picked.
We came away with a pretty good haul (though we tried to hold ourselves back, as we've been known to come back from these adventures with 40 pounds of apples, ahem). I already have a few recipes in mind.
All in all, it was a great day of friends and food. Welcome back, fall!

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