Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Two generations of grandmothers

We love our home in St. Louis, but we always struggle with being away from family. All of our family is a long day's drive or more away, so it's a special time when they're able to visit (or we're able to visit them). Last month, Matt's mom came for a visit, and we enjoyed a weekend of unseasonably warm weather (which she particularly appreciated, being from California).
We spent much of our time outside, including a lovely hike through one of the local woodland areas.
It was a wonderful weekend, as always, and it's so fun to see B forming real connections with his grandparents. Mine are coming for a visit next week, and he's so excited.
 Little adventurer
So serious
A few weeks ago, I made a solo trip to Atlanta to see my mother and grandmother, who's been ailing for some time now. This trip was bittersweet, as my grandmother was definitely weaker and having more visible trouble than I'd ever seen before (usually she "rallies" for visitors, so they see her best days, which was probably the case here, but her best day completely wore her out, and she spent the entirety of the next day in bed, mostly sleeping).
But that first day was lovely, and we spent a beautiful day out at the campsite that my aunt and uncle monitor. And the next day, I was able to visit with my cousin and her husband and little ones, which was wonderful. Grammie rallied some for my final morning, and I was glad to spend a little more quality time with her. It was also so good to see my mom and be able to help her a bit for the weekend.
If you're blessed enough to have family close by, I hope you're able to appreciate what you have. There's nothing like family, even when they sometimes drive you crazy. Hold them close.

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