Monday, October 12, 2015

The best medicine

The hubby was out of town at a conference this weekend, so I had been looking forward to several nights of sewing -- greatly needed considering all the projects I want to tackle -- but, of course, fate stepped in with other plans, and I was promptly sidelined with a cold that left me with too little energy to head downstairs to my sewing space and actually do something productive. So, I once again found myself so happy to have my new hand-sewing project, the Catenary quilt I began a few weeks back.
I got the rest of my rows cut and laid out, and in a few nights on the couch, I managed to finish my first "arch" row and one and a half of the arch negative space rows (let's call them the "cave" rows).
Luckily, I'm starting to feel better now, so I have big plans for downstairs tonight.

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  1. This quilt is going to be fab! I'm terrible for not sewing when my husband is out at night. On wednesdays he goes to his archery club and every wednesday i tell myself i will go upstairs and sew... i invariably end up lying on the sofa with a handwork project and control of the tv remote!


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