Thursday, April 30, 2015

Life (not so) lately: Spring Break 2015

I am so terribly behind on personal posts, but I couldn't let some of the events of the past few months slip by without posting some pics, so be prepared for a few more of these in the coming days. We'll keep the chatting to a minimum. :)
For spring break this year, we took a road trip across the Southeast, focused on a trip to Atlanta to see my grandmother and other family and a trip to Durham to see some old friends from Houston, who now live there. In between all that, we managed to drive through 10 states in eight days (plus we waved at Ohio across the river), which was no small feat. Thank goodness our little guy is a trooper.
My family actually lives in the burbs north of Atlanta, so we rarely make it into the city much while we're there, but this time, we decided to take a day to do some touristy things. We went to the Georgia Aquarium (B's first), Centennial Olympic Park, and this hotel Matt's stayed at before with a crazy atrium. B loved riding in the glass elevator.
We also had a wonderful time with family, and it was so good to spend time with all of them.
From Atlanta, we headed to Durham to see our friends, who we hadn't seen since their wedding five years ago. It was awesome. They have a son who's just a month older than B, and the two of them hit it off immediately. We took them to this great museum/nature park, and B's been talking about it every since. It was also just so nice to hang out with old friends and have some good adult time.
Aren't they the cutest??
A friend of ours was celebrating her 40th birthday soon after this, so we spent some time taking pics in Durham-y places (hello, Lucky Strike!) holding a sign for her as part of a gift. Unfortunately, we forgot to take pics without the sign, too. Ha! Irene will always be in our trip memories now.
Another successful road trip! Stay tuned for Easter pics soon!

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