Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Just pin it

Over the weekend, I had a very productive evening in which I finished up several small projects I had on my plate. While it always feels good to knock out a big project, sometimes finishing several smaller items can be just as satisfying (and looks more impressive on that giant to do list).
The first project was this fun pincushion, which I made for a swap at this month's STLMQG meeting. I am in love with this one.
As you can probably tell, my fabric pull was based on this fabric from Cotton and Steel's Hatbox collection. I wouldn't normally pair mustard yellow with a coral-ly bubblegum pink, but somehow I think it works. The C+S ladies sure have a way with color.
Along with the C+S prints, I threw in some Alison Glass bike paths, Violet Craft birds, V and Co. leaves, and a fun diamond from Winged. I bound it in this wonderful print from Doe, which I feared was just going to be too much at first (there was already a lot going on with the other fabrics), but I think the white actually helped calm things down a bit. Then I couldn't help using a little bit of selvage on top of the pincushion itself.
I used this fun tutorial from During Quiet Time, and it was very easy to follow. It's meant to hang over the arm of a chair and has two pockets to hold scissors, thread, etc. I did some quilt-as-you-go diagonals for the side pockets and just kept the backing as a solid fabric (instead of the quilt squares suggested in the tutorial) because I figured you're never going to see it anyway.
I hope whoever gets it in the swap can use it for some handpiecing. It's a cheery little thing. Come back tomorrow to check out the other projects I finished up!

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  1. I LOVE the pincushion and the armchair "cozy". You did a really good job. I especially like the materials, they really catch my eye. The coral and the navy are a nice contrast. :)


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