Monday, May 12, 2014

Easter fun (just a month late)

Yes, I realize Easter was almost a month ago, but April got away from me and just when I thought I was going to jump back into blogging, I got strep. Who gets strep as an adult? Anyway, that had our house sidelined for a week, so now we're trying this again. I really wanted to get these pics up on the blog, even if they are woefully overdue.
Around here, most of the big Easter egg hunts are actually done the weekend before Easter, so after B opened his Easter basket, we met up with some friends and their twins at the botanical gardens for a pre-Easter egg hunt. They divided the hunters by age, and everyone lined up, ready to go!
Then the whistle blew, and they were off!
The kids were limited to 10 eggs each, which was probably plenty for a two year old. But needless to say, it didn't take very long.
Next up, visiting the Easter Bunny, of course. Unlike with Santa, B was SO excited to meet the Easter Bunny, although he got pretty shy once he got up close. Just trying to play it cool, I'm sure. Still, no tears were shed, so that's progress.
The gardens were just starting their spring bloom and looked gorgeous.
After the Easter festivities, the kiddos headed over to the children's garden for more fun — real bunnies, play food, and a trail ride. I love seeing these goofballs together.
On real Easter, we headed to church and then brunch at a friend's house. Because there were several kids there, she'd also planned a little egg hunt. B was the smallest one there (and therefore wholly outmatched), but her oldest daughter took him under her wing and helped him find more than enough. It was a lovely Easter!


  1. What a lovely set of pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've had strep as an adult. For me it was thanksgiving with my inlaws


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