Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow day project day

If you've paid any attention to the news the past few days, you probably know that a good chunk of the country is caught in a "polar vortex." Help!
The snow and cold hit us here in St. Louis starting Saturday night. We got about a foot of snow, and on Monday, the wind chill dropped to almost -30 degrees. Needless to stay, this Texan and Californian had two snow days where we stayed cooped up in the house, too cold to even go out and enjoy the snow (well, except the one time Matt bundled up like this to shovel the driveway).
Not to be defeated by the weather, we made the most of our confinement by finishing lots of projects! It's a new year, and we needed to get organized. Over the course of two days, we organized the spice cabinet, our office closet and shelving, B's bedroom closet, my gift wrap supplies, and my fabric scraps, not to mention starting in on the great shelf DIY of 2014 (more on that to come).
And we managed to have a little fun, too. The first night, we hatched a plan to make snow ice cream and found this when we opened out back door. Yikes! We scooped some off the top and hurried back in to eat our treat while we watched Downton Abbey.
On Monday, Matt let B play in the snow by scooping up a big bowl and bringing it inside. B loved it, but it wasn't long before he was putting it back in the bowl and asking Matt to warm up his hands.
And while I somehow managed to not get any sewing done, I did finish some other crafts on the to do list, including painting and hanging one more frame to finish off our master bedroom gallery wall and framing a print we bought in Italy back in May.
After a late start, B's back at school today, so it's back to the normal routine. I'm happy about that, but it was nice to get a few extras taken care of. Now I'm looking forward to the 40-degree weather we're supposed to get this weekend. Crazy business.

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