Wednesday, December 4, 2013

An Under the Sea party

Beckett turned two a few weeks ago, and we celebrated with an "Under the Sea" themed party (an obvious theme for a November birthday, don't you think? Yeah, neither did the party decoration stores).
I don't know what people like me did before Pinterest came around. I'm not the most creative person myself, but I'm pretty good at recreating others' ideas. Thus, the tablescape:
Almost every idea on this table is from Pinterest (my inspiration board is right here), though I did do most of the paper items (except for these little circles, which were spread around the table). There were Jello boats (blue jello topped with mandarin orange "boats" with a triangle-shaped piece of white card stock attached to a toothpick "mast").
Limeade and "sea water" to drink
"Pirate's treasure" (aka pineapple tidbits)
"Fish and chips" (assorted goldfish crackers and potato chips)
Pirate's booty
"Oyster pearl cookies" (mini vanilla wafers with a little smear of frosting left over from the cupcakes and a mini marshmallow sandwiched in between)
And shark cupcakes (I used the yellow cake and blueberry frosting recipes from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook, then topped each one with a shark fin printed on gray card stock.)
We were joined by lots of B's friends, and everyone had a great time breaking out the toys and generally being toddlers. B's only two, so I didn't feel the need to try to enforce any sort of organized activity. Talk, play, be merry — that was the plan.
B waited patiently to get a treat ...
But the moment we turned our backs, he pounced on the pearl cookies. We caught him blue-handed.
Then, it was time for more playing, both inside and out. (B's birthday weekend fell on the last warm weekend of the fall, which gave us a little reprieve from the noisy house, thank goodness. Now, we're shivering in our boots over here.)
Finally, it was time for the main event! B waited oh so patiently ...
Lighting the candle ...
"Dad, what is that?!?"
Matt had to step in to help him blow out the candle while everyone sang.
Then, let the feasting begin!
And then his friends got in on the action. Cupcakes and Jello for everyone!
By the end of the party, the sugar started to set in, things got wild, and toddler tummies started appearing. :)
All in all, it was a very successful day of celebrating this guy. Happy birthday to our little two year old!

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