Sunday, April 14, 2013

The big 3-0

I turned the big 3-0 on Friday. It's still kind of hard to believe and sounds even weirder to say, but I guess it must be true. And I'm feeling pretty good about where I am for 30. I have an amazing husband and son, a great job that I love, a wonderful home, and family and friends that bless my life every day. Not too shabby at all, I'd say.
To celebrate my big day, Matt and I had the meal of our lives, an eight-course affair with wine pairings at one of the best (if not the best) restaurants in St. Louis, Niche. We've been to Niche a few times in the past, but they recently changed locations and revamped their menu to consist of tasting menus only, so it was definitely a different dining experience.

We made our reservations months ago because we also wanted a spot at the coveted kitchen counter seats, where you get to watch everything going on in the kitchen (it was amazingly calm, quiet, and organized) and talk to the chefs, who were all super friendly. In addition to giving us a bonus course (because eight clearly wasn't enough), they added a cute little candle to one of the dessert courses: a coriander cake with dandelion root and orange sorbet and black walnut brittle (or something like that). Not your average birthday cake, eh? Thankfully, no one sang, "Happy Birthday."
After the meal ended, I slipped away to the bathroom, and while I was gone, Matt asked for a copy of the menu and then asked the executive chef, Gerard Craft, to sign it. He happily did so and then asked us if we minded if he asked the other chefs to sign it, too. Of course not! So he took it around to each and every chef, and they all signed it. It was very sweet.
It was a fabulous way to start off my 30s. I think we need to celebrate again next month. ;)

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