Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Applique party

Hey, remember how I like to sew, too?!? Yeah, I've been doing a lot of that lately, though like everything else, it's taking a while to get it on the blog. There's been a good amount of Christmas sewing going on, too, but those posts will have to wait until presents are opened. :) Hey, that's a valid excuse for blog delays!

If you've been following the blog for awhile, you may remember this tie applique onesie I made for B last winter. He's long outgrown it, but it was always one of our favorites, and I've been meaning to make him another one, so here you go:
The pattern for the tie is from this tutorial on Crap I've Made. The fabric is just a navy gingham I picked up at Hancock's or Joann's a long time ago.
The onesie itself is from H&M. (If you have an H&M nearby that sells baby clothes (sadly, most of them don't), I highly recommend giving them a visit. They have great plain onesies made from organic cotton for $4 each. Stock up, my friends.)
After attaching the tie with Wonder Under, I secured it with a simple stitch in white. Ten-minute project = near-instant cuteness.
And while I was on the appliqueing kick, I decided to make a tie onesie for part of a gift for a friend's new baby boy.
The tie fabric is a favorite from Ann Kelle's Remix line, and this onesie is from hobby Lobby (another great spot for plain onesies, especially with the 40% off coupon. They sell non-organic ones for $5.).
I paired the onesie with a burp cloth that features my favorite Ann Kelle owls.
 A fun set for a precious baby!
Finally, I've posted pics of B wearing this onesie before (here and here), but since I never actually wrote about, I thought I'd include it in our little applique party. I used another H&M onesie to make his Thanksgiving turkey tee (a third H&M onesie/applique combo was used to create the monster tee I made for B's birthday party).
 I used this tutorial/pattern from The Cottage Home, though I used fewer feathers.
I added the beak, eyes, and feet with embroidery thread.
 I love those little feet.
I need to get back to H&M to stock up one more onesies. My appliqueing fever knows no bounds.

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