Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beckett's 10-month update

Beckett, you're 10 months old today!
(Well, yesterday, but close!)

You really had a growth spurt this month, and according to our unofficial measurements, you're about 29 inches tall and weigh 20 lb, 9 oz.
This has been a big month for you in terms of motor development. You FINALLY started crawling, and you have a very signature crawl: one leg up with your foot on the floor, the other leg dragging behind. It looks a bit funny, but you make it work.
 You're also cruising all over the place...
 And pulling up on everything in sight...
Not to mention sitting from standing really well...
And walking like a pro (as long as someone's holding on)...
And just last week, you showed us you could stand up in your crib (a feat previously hampered by your inability to sit up on your own from your stomach, which you've now conquered as well)...
Your mobility also means you're starting to get into more "trouble," like pulling things off your bookshelves and playing with the doorstops (you love the vibrating noise they make when you whack them and they bounce back). We know this is just the beginning.
You are still a super messy eater (you may have even gotten messier), especially because you've starting motorboating while you have food in your mouth, making it spray everywhere. Mommy just loves that. And you seem to be under the impression that food makes a great hair conditioner. You're now eating a lot of table food, restricted mainly by the fact that you still only have your two bottom teeth. But this week, you've been working on four teeth on the top, which should help.
You had quite a social month, starting with helping us host our annual Beers, Brats, and Bars party. You were a hit as our little host, and you loved joining everyone outside in your rocker to eat dinner.
Grandmozzie and Gramps came for a visit, too, and you had a great time showing them all your new tricks.
The weekend was topped off by your first motorcycle "ride" with Gramps.
You've also had a few play dates with friends, including Ethan (I forgot to take pictures, boo) and Ben and Ava.
You also hung out with Ben and Ava at last month's Food Truck Friday, where you impressed the crowd by eating Ben's shoes. Not a strong moment for you. :)
You still love bath time, and you've tossed aside your baby tub, preferring to sit in the big tub instead. Your favorite toy is your rubber ducky, hands down.
You love music, and your favorite toys are your two pianos and your dog that sings. You could play on those pianos all day long. "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" is your favorite song at the moment (at least on the piano). Away from the piano, it's "Call Me Maybe."
Mommy also introduced you to Bunny, the huge stuffed rabbit that was her favorite childhood stuffed animal. You loved him immediately.
Your personality shines more and more every day, and it's so fun to see the person you're becoming.
You make the funniest faces sometimes, and you're always making us crack up with the things you do. Sucking your bottom lip under is a favorite.
We love you, little man! Thanks for being so awesome.
 And your birthday collage:

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  1. I love the collage to see how Beckett is growing! It looks like this month was a big jump! :)


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