Monday, July 30, 2012

Our new house revealed: Kitchen, dining room, and breakfast room!

All right, let's move on the eating areas! For the first time, we have both a dining room and a breakfast room, so we were excited about getting a big-people table for the dining room, as we've always used our small four-person table before now.
We wanted a table that would fit at least six as-is but that also had leaves to fit at least 10. At the same time, we wanted something with "heft" and character, and those things together proved to be quite hard to find. Most of the "hefty" tables didn't have leaves at all, so we were super excited when we found this table at Pottery Barn, which has two leaves that are added at the ends of the table.
The dining room has a great bay window that overlooks the backyard. Our only real beef with the room is the color on the walls, which was there when we moved in. It's very mustard-y, and I really didn't like it when we moved in (especially next to the ketchup-y red in the kitchen).
It's starting to grow on me now, though, especially because the old owners left these Roman shades behind, which we really love. I think we'll paint it eventually (I have dreams of a yellow and gray dining room.), but it's staying for now. We have bigger fish to fry. :)
One of the rooms we love most is the kitchen. There's space! And cabinets! And really nice appliances! It's such a wonderful change from every kitchen in every rental we've ever had, and considering how much time we spend in the kitchen, it makes a huge difference. Here you can see the pass-through to the breakfast room.
The newest addition to the kitchen is the pot rack on the far wall. It was a great find on clearance from Pottery Barn, and we love how it fills the wall and adds some much-needed storage.
I'm not in love with the red. (It was also on the walls when we moved in.) I like the idea of the red, but since the kitchen is in the interior of the house, this particular red is just a bit too dark. However, it's definitely low on the painting list.
View from the dining room.
This is the wall at the top of the stairs to the basement. You pass it going from the kitchen to the breakfast room, and we've made it into a little calendar/notes area. The gate at the bottom is a swinging baby gate for the basement stairs.
We also love the breakfast room and spend a good amount of time there, usually feeding Beckett here instead of the dining room.
The gray was already on the walls, and it's definitely staying. It's a great neutral. The windows look out on the backyard and patio area.
Along with the office, the breakfast room is part of an addition to the house. They left the original exterior wall, which is the exposed brick, a look we love, and the glass-block windows. The middle window was opened up to create a pass-through to the kitchen.
We'll head to the basement tomorrow. Get excited!

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