Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rice cereal is dee-licious

A few weeks ago, we decided to begin our foray into solid foods for Beckett. He'd passed the four-month mark and was clearly showing an interest in our food, so we decided to take the plunge with rice cereal.
He loved it.
He was a little unsure at first...
But quickly started grabbing the spoon to "help" us feed him.
He is not a clean eater.
He takes after his daddy. :)
We moved him from the rocking chair to his Bumbo seat for chow time, and he's been doing great with it.
After his last nursing session of the day, he usually joins us at the dinner table in his Bumbo as we eat our dinner, and then he gets a dessert of rice cereal.
After which he usually needs a good hosing down.
We've been making it progressively thicker, and he's doing pretty well with handling the consistency.
What a mess.
Gotta love this baby.

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  1. I predict that we'll see a post on giant, handmade waterproof bibs soon! Trent's mom has an awesome pattern if you're looking for one. She's made dozens for our boys.


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