Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beckett's five-month update

Beckett, you're five months old today!
This is a big day for birthdays — today, your mommy is 29, your Uncle Patrick is 26, your cousin Levi is one, and you're five months old.

You've really matured so much in the past month, and you're becoming such an amazing little boy.

This month, you took your second big road trip, this time to Nashville to watch your Aunt Houston in her final college bowling tournament.

It was also a chance for you to meet your other great-grandmother (Grami), as well as your great aunts Sam and Pam and your great uncle Mikie.

It was your first time staying in a hotel, and you did great, sleeping through the night and crying very little. Plus, you loved the huge mirror on the hotel closet.

You're growing stronger every day, and you keep impressing us with how long you're able to stand with minimal support from us and how strong you are when you "fly."
You also learned how to roll over from your back to your stomach, and you do it easily now. In fact, now you seem to prefer being on your tummy because you always roll over quickly when we put you on your back, and you prefer to sleep on your tummy now, too.
You still love your feet and pull your toes up to your mouth all the time.

We have to keep a close eye on you because you reach for everything now, from daddy's glasses to forks on the table, and everything you grab goes straight to your mouth. Yum.

You love looking at pictures of people on the computer, in your picture book, and in frames around the house.
Last weekend, you got an exersaucer from your cousin Lisa, and you absolutely love it. I think you like being able to stand on your own in it, and there's so many things to look at and play with.

You watch everything now, and you've become fascinated with cars driving by and water coming out of the faucet.
Walks are especially fun because you just sit and stare at everything going by.
On Easter weekend, you were joined by lots of family to celebrate your baptism at Emmanuel Episcopal Church.

Our rector, Daniel Appleyard, performed the beautiful service, and your Aunt Nessie and Uncle Rip stood with us as your godparents.
We also went on your first real trip to the zoo. I'm not sure how much you took in, but you seemed to like it for the most part. It would have helped if it hadn't been quite so crowded, but I can't blame people. It was a beautiful day.
You also had a great weekend of hanging out with the family.

This month, we also started you on solids with your first rice cereal. You're clearly not sure what to make of it, but you seem to like it and always reach for the spoon to "help" us feed you. We've been making it progressively thicker, and I don't think it'll be long before we move on to oats. You're a very messy eater. :)

You're also sleeping through the night now (thank you!), which has been great for mommy and daddy. You go to sleep between 8 and 8:30 and sleep until 7 or 7:15. Then, you usually take a longer nap in the morning and two shorter naps in the afternoon.
You put yourself to sleep now, too, which is just another way you're showing how mature you're becoming.
Just this last week, we also took our first trip to the botanical gardens. We went with our friend Katie and her twins, Ava and Ben. You'll get to know them really well because our new house is just around the corner from theirs.
You still love bath time and have begun paying more attention to your bath toys, not to mention plenty of splashing.
 Beckett, you're an awesome little man, and we love every minute with you!

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